Sketch Group

    It all began when several members of Brown Line to the Loop, a mediocre sketch comedy group, decided to collectively commit mutiny. The new group almost named themselves This is Cannon, but eventually settled on ¬°AWESOMONSTER! At the time the group was comprised of  Sheetom Ashbrook, Logan Conner, Jennifer Cox, Kevin Duvall, Danielle Forrester, Rachel Lada, James Manno Dave Ruthenberg, Nicholas Dale Taylor, and CJ Tuor.





Two Sketches from The Last and Therefore Best Sketch Comedy Show on Earth

Guess Who's Coming to Murder

A murder mystery sketch comedy show running every Thursday night at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N Milwaukee where if you guess the killer you have a chance to win a free ticket the following mystery among other various prizes. Show begins at 8:00p.m. Tickets are $10.

Posted by ¬°Awesomonster! on Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Awesomonster had two sketch series, The Last and Therefore Best Sketch Show on Earth, which was a post-apocalyptc sketch show and a murder mystery series of shows named Guess Who's Coming... to Murder. Awesomonster also put together some filmed sketches and 48 Hour projects at this time including a short about a crime fighting food critic who breaks up an illeagle homeless spelling bee ring named Theodore Thyme and the Forgotten Ones. After some attrition and personal differences Awesomonster was half the size it had been formerly going into a format change. A then five member Awesomonster decided to do a comedy game show named The Game Show of Hell hosted by Satan as a punishment.

The Triumvirate

   After the Game Show of Hell, the last three remaining members of Awesomonster decided to start recording for ten minutes at the beginnings of meetings and release it as a podcast. James Manno, Nicholas Dale Taylor, and Logan Conner continued performing games at music festivals and other events but mostly focused on the podcast. Over time the podcast increased in importance until the pivotal episode 69, when the podcast found it's current form. Incorporating some games from The Game Show of Hell, as well as new games along with chicago guests including Comedians, Musicians and other artists, AWSM Radio now attempts to bring awesome people together and make them laugh like monsters.

The Game Show of Hell was submitted to the New York Television Festival, but Bunk got a tv show. Damn you Kurt Braunohler!

  Starting with episode 143 Tom Lalonde joined Awesomonster to form what historians are calling the Second Triumverate. James Manno is now 100% a musician with his band James Manno and the BOTs

A game from AWSM Comedy Radio