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Subdued and intoxicated are the words that follow. Not true, but alcohol was a hearty topic of interest during the first ever AWSM Radio preshow which the monsters believe will become an ongoing trend. Yes, that’s right! For not only their podcast, but all podcasts, mhahahahahahah (that’s phonetic evil laughter). Seriously though, maybe these guys would all lose some much needed weight if they cut out some of the high life.

“The video? I don’t know what the deal is with the video,” Brian says regarding the release date for the new Man Called Noon music video. Rumor has it some big hollywood names will be making cameos including Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Willis and one of the guests from the Game Show of HELL, Rosie O’Donnell… and maybe Kevin Duvall!

Lots of gossip here folks. We find out one of these guests is sleeping with another member of the band, we discover the incestuous numbers of the relocated Virginians and we are privy to a lovely history of love involving a theatrical proposal (meaning, we get to hear about when Anthony Giamichael popped the question). It was very sweet. Nick wanted to hurl a little out of jealousy, you know, since gays can’t really marry and stuff. GET OVER IT NICK! Your kind is sub par, duh. No wonder he’s involved in Chicago comedy… to keep from crying.

Man Called Noon

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Anyway, guests Sarah Hildreth Giamichael gave us some forsight into the future projects of the emerging theatre company, The Alluvium Group while Brian Sonnek stared fondly at Nick’s hair and talked of toes. The all rock band Man Called Noon is just another reason for these and more young artists to gather together at a local pub, hear some tunes and allow the ale to flow forth. Logan likes when English takes our listeners back to the old days of yore. Your next opportunity to see both these cool people and their sexy affiliates can be found by visiting either the theatre site linked above or by clicking here for Man Called Noon.

Logan and Nick fight about which respectively mentioned monstrous party to attend over the weekend, The 2cd Annual Chili Cook-Off or TFOD (Top Floor Open Door). “BYOPB, bring your own pepto bismol,” Sarah says after hearing a lull in the exchange. Well done dear. Way to plug that up! Click here to listen to EP 33.

All the shameless plugs aside, what most people don’t really know about AWSM Radio is that you can be a guest! How? Sleep with James Manno… or send us an email or simply text “I wanna be a guest” to 773-219-2232 and one or more monsters will call you to see who you are, set up a meeting and then take your money.

Stay and look for more Awesome Written Wit.

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