As the world may end tomorrow according to local evangelical historians or as we like to call them, psychics, cast your vote for Awesomonster as The Best Sketch / Improv Troupe of 2011 today!

Polls for The Best of Chicago 2011 Reader remain open until June 6th. However, the early bird catches the worm and we want our votes in early, hence, the no tomorrow apocalypse lead-in-line.

Speaking of apocalypse let’s take a brief moment and recall the shows from us, The Last and Therefore Best Comedy Show on Earth (reviewed in part by The Chicago Tribune), on to the highly celebrated (celebrated by us and Gorilla Tango Theatre) Guess Who’s Coming to Murder and who could forget the big blockbuster hit, The Iron Prince of A-Team (seen by fans of Iron Man, Prince of Persian and The A-Team) and the most recent hellishly hilarious The Game Show of HELL (reviewed by someone on the internet).

Now, we’re not crazy comedians that believe all of you have nothing better to do than take a minute of your time to help your team win, but yeah, that’s what we’re asking. We would be crazy if we asked you to complete the entire 228 question survey, but that isn’t the case. However, a lot of great artists live in Chicago and we’d like to take a moment to endorse four categories outside of sketch comedy:

  • Best New Local Band- Paper Thick Walls
  • Best Theater Company- The New Colony
  • Best Coffee Shop- Emerald City Coffee
  • Best Local Blog- Nicholas Dale Taylor (one of our own)

That said, allow us to condescend for our less internet savvy peoples. Visit the link for Best of Chicago 2011 Reader and provide the information requested to begin the survey. Scroll through the provided pages until you encounter the categories for which you desire to cast your vote. Remember, Best Sketch / Improv troupe = AWESOMONSTER. On and on you go until the very last page and the very last question which just so happens to be Best Local Blog (see the above recommendation). After you type in that long, sexy yet traditional name (Nicholas Dale Taylor) simply click finish.

Don’t fret about, “Well, I kind of want to wait until I have more time and can think about the other things to vote about like Best BYOB and etc.” You can always sign back in with your email address and name to add more answers or to change existing answers. So, if you mistakenly (as some often do), type in Awesomemonster or Awesome Monster, you can sign right back in and leave amateur status behind by typing in your vote for Best of Chicago 2011 Reader:

  • Best Sketch / Improv Troupe:  AWESOMONSTER

Click here and get started with the future: Best of Chicago 2011 Reader

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  1. Logan says:

    I voted!

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